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If you were ever in a position to try out what shopping on the Amazon marketplace is like, you might have noticed that it offers something called “Super Saving Shipping”. This is basically a free shipping option made available for purchases of over $35, which means buyer are not required to use any Amazon free shipping code.

However, there are limitations when using this service. In order for you to claim your free shipping, the items which you’ve decided to purchase have to be eligible for it, and the shipping is a bit slower at an average of a week for delivery. You’ll only be able to ship to an address in the US as well.

You can save a great deal of cash when you utilize this as part of your holiday shopping on Amazon; however, you might be short of a couple of dollars when you decide to purchase something cheap which doesn’t qualify for it.

This is why you simply purchase a filler item which is basically small, cheap, and eligible for it and that’s how you end up getting more valuable things shipped to your home free of charge.

free shipping couponEven though Amazon isn’t making it easy for you to take advantage of these fillers, you’ve stumbled upon this article to find out how they work without using any Amazon free shipping code.

These are some of the common Amazon features which you’ll be able to take advantage of to get free shipping on orders:

Amazon Prime: Its Amazon’s paid membership program, giving you two day shipping free of charge for the majority of purchases you make on the website. In addition to the 2 day shipping, customers can opt to get 1 day shipping for around $4 and without a minimum order size. You would normally get charged $79, but there is a way to get it for free.

The way you can get this for free is, you start by getting a free monthly trial and at the end of it, you discontinue it. There is an automatic upgrade setting which you’ll have to disable, and you’ll be able to utilize free Prime benefits for a month without any worries of getting charged. This is perfect when doing your Christmas shopping.

Amazon Mom: This is a free program (not exclusive for moms) which enables customers to save exactly 30% when they utilize the Subscribe and Save feature for their shopping (more on that later). Basically it offers 2 day free shipping on things such as diaper purchases, and if you’re a mom/dad/caregiver you can sign up for free.

In addition, you’ll get 3 months worth of Amazon Prime. Not only that but they’re offering an additional month if you’ve made diaper purchases of more than $25. As soon as your 3 months is up you want to make sure you cancel Amazon Prime – that is, unless you feel like it’s worth paying for.

Subscribe and Save: This feature gives you 15% of all diaper and food purchases in addition to the Amazon free shipping promo codes. Its one of Amazon’s subscriptions services which automatically ships the products you purchase depending on your month preference. For instance, you might choose to buy razor blades and have them delivered every 1, 2, or 6 months. It’s not hard to cancel your subscription as well.

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